Is It Worth Getting Her Back?

Many guys wrestle with this question after a breakup.  It is challenging for good men to move on, especially after they have invested so much time, money, emotion, vulnerability and likely physical exertion helping her with numerous projects.  All of these are deemed to be “assets” by men, and it can be tough for any man to move on after having expended so much of these assets only to believe that there was no return on investment.


The challenges for many men include:

  • Any issues pertaining to kids
  • Risks of legal situations should it have involved adultery or other intense situations
  • Any financial assets needing to be divided or divested
  • Not having the confidence to find another woman of equal or better caliber
  • Dealing with the ramifications of not being close again with any of her family members
  • The emotional pain of not being wanted
  • The effect that the breakup will have on his job/career whether he is an employee or entrepreneur
  • Having to go through not being familiar with the singles scene, especially if he was with his woman for several years
  • Fewer choices of quality women available


These are just some of the topics.  Feel free to add your thoughts as we explore this more in later posts.  Thanks.